Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Work Experience Reveiw: Law Firm

Work experience is a period of time spent at a work place to give school age or university students an insight as to what working in that field is like. I recently spent five days at law firm.
I would describe the experience as boring because the only work available for my skill level was simple administration work. In an attempt to show me what solicitors do I was given huge piles of contracts and files to read which I found very difficult and not exciting at all.
However I did enjoy going to court for the morning because there was lots to hear and see unlike sitting in an office.

My advice for those of you who are interested in doing work experience at a law firm is:
1. Don't do it if you aren't okay with sitting and reading a lot.
2. Don't expect to be asked to do anything fun or exciting.
3. Ask if you would be able to go to court.
4. If you have nothing to do then offer your assistance.
5. Pick up on words or phrases that you hear or read that you don't understand and look them up later. (Most of what I learnt at the law firm was vocabulary that's very useful to this profession.)

Even though the experience was not action-packed, I did learn a lot and I recommend doing a work experience at a law firm if you are interested in law (it will also look great on your resume)

Comment your work experience stories or tell me where you would like to do work experience (I might be able to write a review for you if my friends have done work experience there!)

xx Chelsea :)

Saturday, 20 September 2014

University or College Open Days

Recently I attended an Open Day for my local university where I chose information sessions on certain areas of study to attend. I really recommend attending  many Open Days of different Unis or Colleges so you can get an insight as to what studying at a higher level is like and what you would like to study. I found the experience very inspiring!
I also learnt about a course available to high school age students where they can start a portion of a University course while they are at High school. It is called a Head Start course. So if you are high achieving and willing for a challenge then I recommend that you look into this :)

Please comment below and tell me if you are currently doing/wanting to/or doing something similar to a Head Start course. I would love to hear about it :)
Aim High & Good Luck,
Chelsea xx

Friday, 23 May 2014

Getting Involved

This year I joined my grade's Interact group which has been really inspiring! I would highly recommend that you join the one at your school. If your school doesn't run one then talk to a teacher and start your own interact, social justice or charity club or even see if there is one in your community.
So far this year my group has attended a "Just Leadership" Day run by Caritas, an ERA for Change Seminar (where I got heaps of freebies! Yay!) and run a school bake sale to raise money and awareness for a struggling school. I have been inspired by amazing advocates to make a difference in this world.
It is a really great feeling to know you are helping those in need while at the same time learning and making friends. So go and get involved!

xx Chelsea
Please comment! :)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Aim of This Blog

Hey I'm Chelsea, currently 15, and new to blogging.
My aim is to help you achieve your dreams and do amazing things while you are still at high school. Because who wants to wait until they're an adult to have spectacular experiences?! I will show you what you can be doing right now.
This blog will be a guide to doing fundraising, volunteering, travelling, getting a job, work experience, deciding what to do after high school and much more!
I will post real life interviews with teenagers who are making the same life decisions as you with advice and amazing stories.
Enjoy and feel free to comment!
xx Chelsea